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    Bill 14 Prevent Bullying,
    Harassment & Violence

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    B.C. passes anti-bullying legislation

    Is Your Company Ready?

    The BC gov’t has passed Bill 14, effective July 2, 2012, which will expand the definition of violence and require employers to have formal prevention plans.

    Through Bill 14, workers?compensation will be expanded to include diagnosed mental disorders caused by significant work-related stressors, including bullying and harassment.

    A new reference to bullying and harassment as a significant work-related stressor.

    A “predominant cause?test for mental disorders caused by significant work-related stressors.

    Revised wording from “mental stress?to “mental disorder?

    "Bullying in Canadian Workplaces", has been accepted and published on EzineArticles.com. Read more...

    Other Products & Services

    BILL 14
    Prevent Bullying,
    Harassment & Violence

    Are you ready?


    Call 1888 552 1155
    or Email: sales@hrproactive.com

    for a consultation about your workplace risk assessment, policy development, training or investigation needs.
    You have the following options:

    HR Proactive has developed a Bill 14 video DVD kit so that you can train New Hires with ease and confidence. There is a quiz that you can administer at the end of video/ DVD to ensure your employees understand the concepts related to all forms of harassment & violence in the workplace.

    Bill 14 video DVD Kit contains:
    • One 15-minute video/DVD
    • Easy to use leader's guide
    • Reproducible participant's guide
    • Glossary & further references
    • Reproducible scheduling & attendance form
    • Employee quiz
    • Training certificate
    Everything needed to deliver a professional training workshop!
    Due Diligence for Employers Requires That They:
    • Develop unambiguous anti-harassment and anti-violence policies
    • Train employees and management in these policies
    • Set out a process for investigating complaints that is fair, thorough, unbiased and objective
    Employers need to adjust their focus to work toward what is termed the psychologically safe workplace, “one that does not permit harm to employee mental health,... one in which every practical effort is made to avoid reasonably foreseeable injury to the mental health of employees.?Martin Shane, S.J.D (Preventing Workplace Meltdown: An Employer’s Guide to Maintaining a Psychologically Safe Workplace-A Carswell Implementation Guide)

    “A workplace where employees feel that the employer will have their back if they take action against a bullying co-worker or supervisor will retain its best people, and make it clear to abusers and bullies that they need to change their behaviour if they wish to remain employed.?br> Owen Mahoney, Associate
    HR Proactive Inc.

    What is bullying in the workplace? Download our brochure.

    Additional Methods of Delivery
    ● USB Flash Drive ● MP4 ● SCORM 1.2
    ● Online Access with Tracking & Certificate of Completion
    (Individual/Group Log-ins for one or more Compliance Programs)

    For special pricing, please call 1.888.552.1155.

    Call HR Proactive to discuss your workplace:
    Policy development, Risk assessment, Training & Investigation needs

    = Toll Free 1 888 552 1155 =

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